Anni Albers

Anni Albers (*1899, Berlin - 1994, Connecticut) is considered a Bauhaus artist and one of the most important protagonists of 20th century art. Renowned institutions have begun to honor her work with solo exhibitions, especially in recent years, such as the Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen in Düsseldorf and the Tate in London.
For a time, Albers headed the weaving workshop at the Bauhaus. The merit of Anni Albers in art is primarily due to the fact that she dissolved the former boundaries between art and craft. With her fabric art, woven work became recognized as art. In 1949, Anni Albers became the first textile artist to receive a solo exhibition at New York's Museum of Modern Art.
The artist experimented with different materials and techniques, thus by no means settling on just one direction.
What runs through her oeuvre, both in her screen prints and in her textile works, are the geometric shapes and the play with different color combinations.

Limited editions of Anni Albers are extremely rare and absolute collector's
collectors' items - just like the editions of her life partner Josef Albers.

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by Anni Albers
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Albers, Anni
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