Piero Dorazio

Piero Dorazio (1957, Rome - 2005, Perugia) is considered one of the most renowned Italian painters of the second half of the 20th century and an important pioneer of abstraction. Today he is one of the leading artists of concrete color painting.

Dorazio belonged to the Italian artists' association Movimento per l'arte concreta (Movement for Concrete Art), which was dedicated to abstract-concrete art and opposed popular informal painting. In the course of his work, Dorazio developed an abstract, non-representational pictorial language that showed numerous influences of Surrealism, Cubism and Expressionism, but steadily maintained an individual and highly structured execution. In contrast to the Informel of postwar painting, Dorazio placed great emphasis on distinctive composition. Although his oeuvre was constantly characterized by a strong geometry, he succeeded in creating an incomparable liveliness of the inherently rigid structure through a refined composition of colors and light effects.

Dorazio on his art: "I don't want to reproduce the structure of light, but rather to reinvent it pictorially rather than visually."

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Genzano Genzano
by Piero Dorazio
Size: 76 x 57 cm
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Dorazio, Piero Grafiken Medium Informel
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