Benny Dröscher

Benny Dröscher (1971) is one of Denmark’s biggest emerging talents. His work is garnering plenty of attention in Germany, too, and Frankfurt’s renowned Städel Museum has already purchased some of his graphics for its collection.

Dröscher is known on the one hand for his imaginative and at times ironic outdoor installations, and on the other he is appreciated for his incredibly detailed, almost surreal-seeming painting and graphics.

He often chooses nature as his subject in his meticulously designed works, which open up completely new viewpoints to the observer with their unusual perspectives. Recurring motifs in Dröscher’s work include branches, birds, insects, and flowers, which are depicted in an especially naturalistic way. These stand in sharp contrast with the abstract blobs and strokes of color that also seem to float on the picture’s surface. In this way Dröscher creates a charged relationship in his works between naturalistic and abstract elements, opening a space for the observer to make personal associations.

Benny Dröscher’s […] paintings are symbolic manifestations of flora and fauna with a splash of irony.” – Josephine Boesen

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O.T. I O.T. I
von Benny Dröscher
Maße: 76 x 56 cm
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Dröscher, Benny Grafiken Medium Neo-Expressionismus & Neue Figuration
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