Gotthard Graubner

Gotthard Graubner (1930–2013) is famous for his “cushion images”, with which he carved out his own niche in German post-war art.

The thin, multi-layered application of paint underlines the three-dimensional nature of his canvases, underfilled with cotton to give them the look of puffy cushions. Together they form veritable color spaces that suck in attention.

The artist playfully conveys this new dimension in his graphic art. Graubner’s etchings almost feel like negatives for his large cushion images. Color spaces seem to open up in his graphics, too, capturing the gaze of the observer. Gottard Graubner is particularly capable of letting his reflections on color and space run free in his etchings, so there are more and more unique pieces of these alongside the editions.

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by Gotthard Graubner
Size: 62.5 x 50.5 cm
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Graubner, Gotthard Grafiken Medium Zero
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