Christian Sedelmayer

Christian Sedelmayer (born in Munich in 1965) studied painting in Rome in the 1980s and is closely bound to the opera and theater scene. In 1990 he attended the Kammerspiele and Festspiele theater festivals in Munich and Bayreuth, respectively, and since then has been involved in the world of theater as a costume and stage designer as well as working as a director.

Sedelmayer found his way to free fine art in 2015 and today works on large-format screen prints and installations. The Diözesanmuseum Freising commissioned him to design several pieces working with sacred space, which in this context still recall stage images. What remains, though, are the subjects and the theatrical elaboration of the pieces, which are extensive, colorful, and full of contrasts.

Christian Sedelmayer cites famous motifs from art history in his large-format pieces. His screen prints toy with contentual, colorful contrasts, and prompt renewed focus with the famous motifs—almost a contemporary form of pop art.

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Sliding Flowers Sliding Flowers
by Christian Sedelmayer
Size: 123.5 x 88 cm
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Sedelmayer, Christian Grafiken XXL Pop Art
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