Ugo Rondinone

The internationally renowned Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone (1964) studied at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. He lives and works in New York and is dedicated to conceptual art. 

Central themes in his work include grappling with spatial aspects as well the visualization of time and perishability. Rondinone often expands his works with quotes from literature and pop culture. He is best known as an installation artist, but his graphic pieces also hold a very special position in his body of work.

Rondinone produced his six-part series Stars in an especially laborious printing process in 2009. Here the artist manages to give the contiguous starry sky a meditative or even magical tranquility.

Rondinone’s “Windows” present a sharp contrast to this. These refreshingly humorous graphics toy with the observer’s expectations: Instead of opening up a room they present intense color fields. The color’s autonomy and expressive power is in the foreground here and is strengthened even more by the high quality of the lithographic printing.

“My work is always very basic and almost childlike. It’s something people can rely on.” – Ugo Rondinone

► Rondinone’s works are featured in group and solo exhibitions on an international stage, for example at the Centre Pompidou in Paris, the Kunsthalle in Hamburg, and the MoMa in New York.

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Stars, Portfolio 2009
Rondinone, Ugo
Stars, Portfolio 2009
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