Günter Fruhtrunk

The renowned main representative of Concrete Art

With his independent works, Günter Fruhtrunk (1923-1982) is one of the outstanding representatives of geometric-concrete painting of the German post-war generation. With his concrete art constructed from lines, bars and patterns that seem to repeat themselves endlessly in his works, he was one of the stars of documenta 4 in 1968.

In the postwar years, Fruhtrunk studied with William Straube, himself once a student of Adolf Hölzel and Henri Matisse. Fruhtrunk created a dynamic formal language with diagonal vector-like lines arranged strictly rhythmically according to their changing colors; he translated the ideas of Constructivism into a colorful rhythmic visual world.

Fruhtrunk created, as the Süddeutsche Zeitung dubbed it, "Germany's best-known unknown work of art." This refers to the distinctive blue-and-white diagonal pattern that had been on Aldi Nord plastic bags since the early 1970s. Fruhtrunk designed the motif as a commissioned work. The bag will not disappear from stores until 2019 with the switch to reusable bags. Until then, the bags with Fruhtrunk's pictured artwork were produced by the millions for almost 50 years.

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Zwischen Grün
Fruhtrunk, Günter
Zwischen Grün
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