Jesus Rafael Soto

Jesús R. Soto (1923–2005) is best known for his seemingly vibrating wall objects. Large surfaces with a little distance from stripes behind them produce the effect of a vibrating or rotating image as the observer passes by. This is also the optical effect that his impressive graphic editions create.

Today these almost hypnotic images can be found in all notable art collections, pointing to the art world’s tremendous globalization in the post-war era. Born and raised in Venezuela, Soto and above all his art made the leap across to Europe in 1950. Based in Paris, he became a firm part of op art, very closely linked to the ZERO group.

“So I thought of music, where the notes don’t represent anything, but in fact constitute a system of unlimited relationships invented by man. In the same way, in order to achieve abstraction, I thought it was important to find a graphic system that would allow me to codify a reality rather than represent it.”

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Spiral Spiral
von Jesus Rafael Soto
Maße: 68 x 68 cm
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Soto, Jesus Rafael Grafiken Medium Op Art & Konkrete Kunst
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