Max Bill

Max Bill (1908-1994) can probably be seen as the main representative of Concrete Art in the German-speaking world. He found his way early to an abstract art of monochrome color planes and pure materials through his stay at the Bauhaus from 1924-1927. The so-called Ulmer Hocker or his infinite loops as sculptures in stone and plaster are probably his most famous works. With his graphic art, lithographs and silkscreens, he wants to give an insight into the method of creation of his - as he calls it - concrete art.For Bill, a work of art should not be a transformation or abstraction of natural phenomena, but should be designed according to its own mathematical laws. This mathematization ensures an objectification of artistic expression and detaches the work from any iconography of previous epochs and styles.As a member of the Bauhaus, the artist Max Bill also had a penchant for architecture and design from the very beginning, and so he was an active architect from 1929. He created countless designs for products such as the wristwatches of the world-renowned watch brand Junghans.

"Concrete art is the expression of the human spirit, intended for the human spirit, and it is of every sharpness, unambiguity and perfection, as must be expected of works of the human spirit."

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