Michael Kmoth

Michael Kmoth, born in Stade, Germany in 1945, found his current vocation as an artist late in life but had always been linked to the profession thanks to his study of art and design at the Cologne University of Applied Sciences. His works are part of a contemporary art that no longer seeks to create likenesses, instead producing pure imagery. Kmoth uses high-quality paper for his fragile-looking artwork, incorporating it behind his subjects in an elaborate process. Depending on the perspective they are viewed from, these wall objects are at times meticulously structured and at times composed in a complex arrangement. The corners, often torn, produce an incredibly natural—we could call it naturalized—impression that further reinforces the ambiguity between the original paper material and the artificial object that the paper has been made into.

Michael Kmoth’s artworks are all unique pieces. Each work is presented in a subject frame made by the artist out of high-quality acrylic glass.

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