Ouroboros 2018 sw, 01

Ouroboros 2018 sw, 01
Günther Uecker

  • Günther Uecker
  • Terragrafik auf Leinwand, handsigniert, nummeriert
  • 95 x 95cm (height x width)
  • 16
  • 25165

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About Ouroboros 2018 sw, 01

The work comes from Günther Uecker's monumental edition series Ouroboros - Im Kreis Gehen from 2018. There are only a few copies of this coveted, especially strictly limited edition.

In this fascinating series, Günther Uecker works with sand, which he applies to the canvas. The theme of the series is circling, meditative circling, the circling of life....

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About Günther Uecker

Günther Uecker , he is one of the most renowned artists in Germany. Vita of the artist: Günther Uecker Uecker's best-known works probably include his nail reliefs, which have appeared repeatedly in his oeuvre since 1956. Uecker has repeatedly changed and expanded his artistic work over the decades. His work displays an impressive spectrum of forms of expression. Sein Werk weist ein beeindruckendes Spektrum an Ausdrucksformen auf. Günther Uecker drives nails into wood, paints with his bare hands, designs monumental sculptures or creates temporary installations from sand - to name just a few of his artistic working methods and materials. Günther Uecker on his art: "Where language fails, the image begins." – This is a frequently quoted statement by the artist. For Günther Uecker, art is a universal medium of communication that conveys the unspeakable. Limited editions by Günther Uecker Günther Uecker's strictly limited editions are coveted collector's items. Both the relief-like, three-dimensional nail embossed prints on white paper and the often black and white screen prints or lithographs are among the artist's most sought-after works. They have an extraordinary, concise expressiveness!

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