Swirling Cloud Universum

Swirling Cloud Universum
Horst Gläsker

  • Horst Gläsker
  • Fine Art Print, handsigniert, nummeriert
  • 140 x 400cm (height x width)
  • 3
  • 25386

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About Horst Gläsker

Horst Gläsker (b. 1949) has played a decisive role in shaping the German and especially the Düsseldorf art scene since the 1980s. As a student of Gerhard Richter  and  Karl Otto Götz , he experienced the development of completely new artists and, above all, of artistic personalities whose works visibly questioned the previous conceptualizations of art history: What is art? What can and may art be? What role does the artist play in the creation and reception of art? Gläsker has been asking these questions of himself, his works, and their recipients since the beginning of his artistic career. Without fail, this questioning had to result in an artist who works in a multimedia and interdisciplinary way. Gläsker combines installations with architectures; think of his works in public spaces in Oberhausen, Erfurt, or Frankfurt am Main. ► Learn more about Horst Gläsker now: this way !

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