Foss, Probedruck vor der Auflage
Foss, Probedruck vor der Auflage
Foss, Probedruck vor der Auflage

Foss, Probedruck vor der Auflage
Karl Otto Götz

  • Karl Otto Götz
  • Lithographie, handsigniert
  • 80 x 60cm (height x width)
  • 95
  • 25780

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About Karl Otto Götz

As one of the main exponents of German “art informel” as well as abstract art, K.O. Götz (1914, Aachen; † 2017, Wolfenacker) was a truly world-class artist. He started to grapple with avant-garde painting very early on, which led K.O. Götz to be banned from painting and exhibiting by the Nazis in 1933. This didn’t stop Götz from carrying on his work and developing himself as an artist, however. A number of years later K.O. Götz invented a completely new mixing technique with paste and paint, attracting attention in art circles and bringing him international recognition. “ Speed was a necessary resource for me in order to reduce the level of conscious control to a minimum .” – K.O. Götz His reputation eventually led K.O. Götz to receive a widely coveted professorial chair at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, as prestigious back then as it is to this day. Today K.O. Götz is considered one of Germany’s most important art professors ever: his pupils included  ZERO artists like  Gotthard Graubner  and Gerhard Richter. K.O. Götz’s works remain as coveted as ever, and large-scale exhibitions in trend-setting museums like Berlin’s Neue Nationalgalerie (2014) show just how much this famous informel artist is appreciated—with good reason, in our opinion! We developed two expressive lithographs in collaboration with K. O. Götz, which we published...

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