Water B

Water B
Jörn Grothkopp

  • Jörn Grothkopp
  • Pigmentdruck, nummeriert, handsigniert
  • 80 x 80cm (height x width)
  • 40
  • 24831

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About Jörn Grothkopp

Jörn Grothkopp (1969) dedicates his work to the most complex color in the world of painting: white. The artist studied at the famous Dresden Academy of Fine Arts from 1992, and in 1999 became master pupil under Professor Max Uhlig. Grothkopp was the recipient of a number of grants, including the coveted VEAG Art Prize. The artist is regularly featured in solo and group exhibitions both in Germany and abroad. Jörn Grothkopp doesn’t use any perspective in particular in his images, instead inviting the observer to perceive the image space through layers of color stacked on top of one another. While up close the subjects appear abstract, at a distance the fragile compositions become apparent. We provide you with excellent artworks by Jörn Grothkopp. ► Our tip: the distinctive lithograph “ Koi E ”!

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