New York, Guggenheim Museum, 1965

New York, Guggenheim Museum, 1965
Horst Schäfer

  • Horst Schäfer
  • Pigmentdruck, handsigniert, nummeriert
  • 30 x 40cm (height x width)
  • 40
  • 25134

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About Horst Schäfer

Horst Schäfer (born in 1932) is an old master of black-and-white photography. In his pictures he uncovers the contrasting properties of urban space and concentrates them. Schäfer oscillates between everyday scenes of city life and a form of architectural photography that partly ventures into abstraction for his subjects, giving metropoles like New York and Paris an unexpectedly strong impression. His very individual perspective and his feel for a special photographic moment have already brought him multiple prizes. The artist’s works are featured in public and private collections around the world; the  J. Paul Getty Museum  in Los Angeles and  Photografische Sammlung/ SK Stiftung Kultur  in Cologne are just two highlights. Horst Schäfer was also honored with an exhibition at the famous  Stiftung Schloss und Park Benrath  in 2015. “What interests me is how light breaks fresh ground, where it penetrates, illuminates, changes things, and brings things to life.” – Horst Schäfer ► We put on our exhibition  »Horst Schäfer – Sichtbares sichtbar machen« (“Making the visible, visible”) for the “Duesseldorf Photo Weekend” and “Duesseldorf Photo 2018” festivals. Find out more about Horst Schäfer in our  artist focus!

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