Neugieriger Hirsch vor Rot

Neugieriger Hirsch vor Rot
Young Ju Yim

  • Young Ju Yim
  • Digitaldruck, sign., numm.
  • 100 x 80cm (height x width)
  • 40
  • 23769

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About Young Ju Yim

Young Ju Yim (1972, Incheon, South Korea) studied painting first at In-Ha University in Incheon and later at the internationally renowned Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst in Leipzig, where he received his diploma in 2009. Both in South Korea and Germany, the artist was awarded scholarships and received various awards. He lives and works in Leipzig and Berlin. Yim belongs to a younger generation of painters who are classified as belonging to the Neuen Leipziger Schule . These include Neo Rauch, David Schnell and Matthias Weischer . Their paintings oscillate between figuration and abstraction in an obstinate manner. This can also be seen in the works of Yim. Seine Bilder von Tieren, Landschaften oder Städten sind surrealistische Szenen – sie wirken fast wie unwirkliche, übersteigerte Sequenzen aus einem Traum. Mithilfe der oftmals monochromen Hintergründe der Werke scheinen die Gegenstände und Figuren von Zeit und Raum losgelöst zu sein. Yim's depictions of animals in particular are also extremely interesting, which is why we are presenting his Deers series of works. Against the monochrome backgrounds, the deer appear mysterious, they irritate, they take on something sculptural. And at the same time the works capture a majesty and grace of this particular animal. ► The deer seems to fascinate artists. It is a recurring motif in art. Take a look at the...

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