Via Lewandowsky
Glanz der Auslassung [Apostroph] 2023

  • Via Lewandowsky
  • Wandobjekt, Kristallglas, verso handsign. & numm.
  • 50 x 22cm (height x width)
  • 8
  • 25936
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About Glanz der Auslassung [Apostroph] 2023

The expressive diversity of our language
Via Lewandowsky's work is dedicated to the apostrophe and thus to a cultural achievement of language. The apostrophe is a punctuation mark with an extraordinary variety of expressions and a wealth of facets.

A wealth of facets translated into crystal glass
Lewandowsky translates the diversity of expression into a sparkling apostrophe made of multifaceted crystal glass.

The object always sparkles differently
The object appears completely different depending on the perspective. The result is a fascinating play of colors. The work sparkles in a wide variety of colors and reminds us of the many aspects and meanings that we can express with the apostrophe.

A beguilingly beautiful & fascinating object!
"Glanz der Auslassung (Apostroph)" is a conceptual, profound work of art, it refers to the multifaceted nature of our language - and at the same time it is a beguilingly beautiful and fascinating object that constantly reveals new views.

►Material and technique:
Genuine crystal glass, specially treated, cut and polished, dicroid coated and mirrored

About Via Lewandowsky

The Berlin artist Via Lewandowsky is one of the most prominent conceptual artists of contemporary art in Germany. Vita of the artist Via Lewandowsky (* 1963 in Dresden) works with various media such as photography, painting, drawing, performance,...

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