Christian Megert
Hommage à Fontana

  • Christian Megert
  • Collage mit Spiegelscherben, nummeriert, signiert
  • 70 x 50cm (height x width)
  • 150
  • 25660

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About Hommage à Fontana

Together with Heinz MackOtto Piene und Günther Uecker is one of the main representatives of the legendary artist movement ZERO. The ZERO phase of the 1960s laid the foundation for the artist's current international reputation. Characteristic for him is the integration of mirrors in his works.

In his work Spiegelcollage, the artist has created a collage on jet-black cardboard. To do this, he cut out geometric shapes from white cardboard, triangles, trapezoids, and applied them to the black cardboard. On these white areas he then applied mirror fragments, which are not identical in shape to the shapes of the white cardboard, however. This results in an interesting, subtle variance of displacement.

Spiegelcollage is a unique edition series: in each of the collages the artist has applied the forms of white cardboard and the mirror fragments individually and differently.

It is concise work of Christian Megert - and even more so one of the absolutely rare editions from the early work. It dates from the year 1972!

About Christian Megert

Christian Megert (1936) is one of the main exponents of the ZERO movement, which was the world’s most formative avant-garde movement until the end of the 1960s. His ZERO phase laid the foundations of the artist’s international reputation. Megert’s mirror...

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