Neun auf Weiss

Neun auf Weiss
Sabine Liebchen

  • Sabine Liebchen
  • Pigmentdruck, nummeriert, handsigniert
  • 90 x 90cm (height x width)
  • 40
  • 25573

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About Neun auf Weiss

Sabine Liebchen is an artist living in Meerbusch near Düsseldorf with a growing collector base across Europe. It is not surprising that she is in such demand, because her works convince through clarity and virtuosity.

Characteristic of Sabine Liebchen's works is the combination of abstract, monochrome backgrounds and figures, which appear hyper-realistic through virtuosically worked out details such as the drapery of clothing or light and shadow effects.

Nine on White belongs to a series of works by Sabine Liebchen in which the artist works with a serial representation of figures. One and the same figure is shown several times in slightly varying views. The artist shows nine variations. One searches for representation after representation, begins to form an image of the person depicted, imagines a possible face and waits for it to finally show itself. But the artist omits to present the face of the figure.

The secret is not revealed - our imagination is stimulated. The work impressively creates a tension!

About Sabine Liebchen

With her expertly painted object shadows and light fields Sabine Liebchen (1960) is able to create a clear, exciting illusion of reality. The artist, who lives and works in Düsseldorf, began her studies in visual communication in 1980. Even back then she was fascinated by the works of Gerhard Richter, whose influence can be felt in Liebchen’s pieces. Other artistic references can also be spotted, however, like Edward Hopper’s way of playing with light and shadow or Vermeer’s light direction, though in Liebchen’s images these references undergo a contemporary continuation. Liebchen’s esthetic impresses with its clarity, which comes across without any showiness. Typical of Liebchen is the exciting combination of expertly composed figures with day-to-day movements as well as abstract, monochrome backgrounds.  ► You can find more information on this artist’s edition in our  artist focus. ► Our tip: A portrait format with particular attention to detail:  “ Untitled (Gray/Brown) ”.

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