Marilyn Kopf - Set of 10

Marilyn Kopf - Set of 10
Warhols Sunday B.Morning Edition

  • Warhols Sunday B.Morning Edition
  • Siebdruck
  • 91 x 91cm (height x width)
  • 0
  • 21699

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About Warhols Sunday B.Morning Edition

Warhol's "Flowers", "Marilyn", "Mao" and "Campbell's Soup" as affordable original screen prints Andy Warhol (1928-1987) is not only considered a co-founder, but also the most important representative of American Pop Art. Warhol devoted himself to everyday phenomena and popular objects, the latest news or advertising and incorporated this into his art. He created works on everyday objects, consumer goods and famous personalities. In addition to various limited screen print editions by Andy Warhol, the so-called "Sunday B. Morning" edition, named after the printing workshop, was launched on the market. The works in the "Sunday B. Morning" edition are almost identical in size to the limited editions, but they are unlimited and unsigned. However, they are original screen prints based on the limited edition's screens, which is what makes them so special! For authentication, the copies of the "Sunday B. Morning" edition are stamped in blue "Fill in your own signature" on the back. Andy Warhol's "Flowers" series The "Flowers" are among the best-known Pop motifs of the 1960s and became icons of the Pop Art movement. The point of reference for the "Flowers" series was a photograph of hibiscus flowers that Warhol saw in the magazine "Modern Photography". In his pictures, however, Warhol greatly simplified the flower shapes and heightened their colors to a particular...

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