Schwerelos 6x6

Schwerelos 6x6
Ralph Kerstner

  • Ralph Kerstner
  • Objekt, handsigniert
  • 55 x 55cm (height x width)
  • 7
  • 25443

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About Ralph Kerstner

Ralph Kerstner is part of the generation of artists who found their place in concrete art between minimalism and ZERO. The artist produces multidimensional embossings and floating structures on white handmade paper, inspired by the clear design vocabulary of minimalism and ZERO art. His pieces drift between precision and artistic license, born in a process that is both technical and artistic. His quest for schematic clarity and the reduction to fundamental structures can be found in Kerstner’s works on paper as well as his sculptures. ► Read more about Ralph Kerstner  in our special focus.

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